WP Charles-Antoine de la Roche-Aymon
Blason Charles Antoine de La Roche-Aymon(complet)
Charles-Antoine de La Roche-Aymon was born in 1697 in the Chateau de Mainsat, his family's property in the Creuse region of France. He was the sixth of eight children; he had one brother, Paul-Philippe (later Marquis de La Roche Aymon), and six sisters, three of whom would become nuns. He had two uncles who were bishops, so his path in the church was assured. In 1724, his uncle made him auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Limoges. In 1729 he was given the Diocese of Tarbes, then in 1740 the Archdiocese of Toulouse and than in 1752 made Archbishop of Narbonne. In 1753 the king named him "Commandeur de l'Ordre du Saint Esprit" After his entire life dedicated to the Church he received his reward in 1760 when he was created Grand-aumônier de France and than he finally receive the diocese and titles of Archbishop-Duke of Reims and Pair de France in 1763. After elevation to the College of Cardinals in 1771 by Clement XIV, he is now addressed as 'Votre Eminence'.
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