Josephine-Marie de Gramont (1756-1814), is a fictional character in La Cour Royale de France Roleplay. She was born on December 4, 1756 in the city of Nice located in southern France and is the daughter of French nobles Jean-Baptiste de Gramont and Marie-Louise d'Amblise. By the time Josephine was five it was clear to both her parents that she would never find a husband due to her being too plain, so she was kept in Nice up until the age of sixteen. At thirteen Josephine was sent to live in England with a serogate family so she could learn the ways of court society (normally Josephine would have been sent to the French court where both her parents resided, but because of the embarassement of her plain skin, she had to live in England). In England she accelled at reading and writing and especailly loved writing stories, and one day dreamed of secretly becoming an author of romance novels. Apart from reading and writing Josephine learned how to be a proper lady, cook, clean, serve others, sing, dance, play the violin and cello as well as how to sew and mend dresses, play cards, and gamble. Josephine's favorite sport is hunting, she loves to read, write, wearing French satins, blues, and pastels and her favorite musical instrument is the cello. After hearing of Josephine's accomplishments of good courtly behavior and her increasing beauty at the English court, Josephine's father sent for her and she entered the court of Versailles in January 1773 and was only seventeen.

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