General InformationEdit

Versailles is a living museum and thus a roleplay area. As a result, everything which is said or done must be understood as part of this roleplay setting.

Visitors of VersaillesEdit

Visitors are welcome to explore, wander around and have a look at the palace and the rooms: Versailles is a public location open to all. Nonetheless they are not recognised as part of the roleplay and may consequently not participate in it. As a result we suggest you to wear an OOC (out of character) visitor tag if you want to observe the roleplay nonetheless indicating that you are not officially taking part.

The groupEdit

The group "La Cour Royale de France" is meant for both roleplayers and OOC (out of character) visitors who would like to receive information regarding the project and the ongoing work. We would also suggest you to follow us on Twitter to stay informed about future events and changes to the SIM: click

Group advertisement is strictly forbidden and will lead to a permanent ban.

No paedophiliacs!Edit

Any form of paedophiliac content is strictly forbidden in Versailles and will lead to a direct and permanent ban if witnessed. Any member noticing such behaviour will also file an abuse report. Be warned and better leave this place if you think you are concerned.

Mutual RespectEdit

We ask you to treat everyone with respect and dignity. Insults and any sort of bullying, harassment, threatening and blackmailing is not tolerated and will be punished immediately.

Chat SpamEdit

5. Local and group chat spamming, aswell as advertisement, is not tolerated at all, like:



G, spoken on seperate lines, but OMG is alright, as it only uses one line, and will not spam the chat.


Advertisers in public chat or group chat will not receive any warning in the future, they will be ejected immediately! This also contains disturbing noises and sounds. So please refrain from using them.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate contacting our public relations managers or any other member of the management:

  • MarieLouise Harcourt
  • MarieAdelaide Chauveau
  • MarieAntoinette Resident
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