By using the Versailles Currency System (VCS) and the HUD, you agree with the following points:

1) The Versailles Currency System (VCS) and the Versailles HUD are both registered to the Versailles in SL Project. All rights reserved. The Louis d'ore provided by the HUD and the Banque Royale are legal means of payment on the sims and regions associated with Versailles in SL. The use of the currency in other groups and communities without further approval of the owner is not permitted.

2) Louis d'Ors can be purchased in exchange for Linden Dollars at a fixed exchange rate (given by the Banque Royale). As with actual currencies, especially of this time period, this rate is subject to variation over time according to events.. They can otherwise be obtained and earned through the roleplay system.

2.1) Individuals are not allowed to sell the currency in exchange for Linden Dollars. Only Banque Royale and Versailles in SL authorities are entitled to give them. Any violation of this rule will result in banning from Versailles Sims, and the perpetrators will be reported to Linden Labs and any relevant authorities.

3) The exchange of Louis d'Ores between individuals is unlimited. You are free to spend the money as you like.

4) You will receive no Linden Dollar refunds if you decide to leave the project. Also, your bank account (and consequently your budget) will be deleted for reasons of balance, fairness and to ensure the consistency of future roleplay

5) All income of titles is entirely at the discretion of the Maison Royale: a title does not necessarily equal an automatic fortune!

6) Have fun!

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